Forever Overhead EP

by Joel Edwards

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released November 12, 2014

All songs written, recorded, performed, produced, etc. by Joel Edwards
Electric guitar on "Tremors" played by Lance Eric Shipp
That's Odetta singing at the beginning of "The Kids Need An Escape"



all rights reserved


Joel Edwards Detroit

This is good rock 'n' roll, uh, music.

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Track Name: Tremors
It's hard to feel alive when you're alone
It's hard to feel protected when you don't know
It's hard to feel accepted when you're at home
It's hard to feel alive, you're on your own

It starts to move you slowly, you're in your zone
A call that moves you wholly on the phone
A man that takes you over now you're full grown
It's hard to feel alive, you're on your own

It's not my time to be alive
It's not our time to be surprised

I start to feel it moving in my bones
I feel the tremors saying I'm alone
I feel my memories fading and I don't know
It's hard to feel alive, you're on your own
Track Name: Forever Overhead
Lately I've been spending time
Watching leaves change in the autumn sky
Days in days out daisies seem to find
Solace in between your solemn eyes

It's almost enough to make me wise
It's almost enough
But you never said that you could love me

"Every moment is a different hue"
That's what you said when I first met you
"Momentary bliss is hard to find"
That's you said when I made you mine

It's enough to drive a man like me insane
It's almost enough
But you never said that you could love me

Time is all I find
When life is far behind
Now you're invisible
Time is all I find today

When I grow up I want to be the guy
Who spends his days beneath a moonlit sky
Stoking fires burning glowing red
Watching balloons forever overhead
Track Name: The Kids Need An Escape
If I know
I can trust
Nobody else
I take off
I take off
Track Name: Make-Up
Once I was in love with a girl
Or at least that's what I thought
The sun revolved around her, she was my world
And she was everything I'd want
But I hid myself behind friendship and fear
And she burned me with the boys that she chose
I wouldn't trade that pain for anything
Because I call that pain my own
So if you hear this and you know who you are
I hope your dreams have come true
But most of all I hope you found someone
Whose sun revolves around you

Once I had a friend now that friend is gone
I can't remember what the last thing I said to him was
He'd make me laugh and I'd make him laugh too
His name was Ryan and I miss him a lot
He moved away when we were too young
He killed himself when we were only sixteen
I've written songs for him to try to figure it out
But sometimes singing doesn't change anything
So if there's a heaven, and I hope that there is
I pray to God you'll be there
So I can see you and we can laugh again
And forget about the last thing that I said

Among these pains there's so much more I could say
But I don't see the point of dwelling on all that anyway
When I have friends and loved ones all around me
A hint of faith in things I can't see
A little sister whose light I can't live without
A band of brothers who keep me sane when in doubt
A holy spirit whispering my name in the breeze
A ragged figure moving from tree to tree
So if I dwell on all the things that I've lost
I'll never see what I have
Never know the ones who show me love everyday
The ones who make the pain feel okay